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Musica Medici - Electronic Press Kit


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Mark Diotallevi is a retired family doctor living in Stratford, Ontario. He has practiced Medicine since age 30 and has practiced music since age 4.  Being a successful family doctor means opening yourself up to deep, trusting relationships with patients.  Most of all this means listening to them:  their problems, fears, symptoms, and secrets, and then trying not to make them any worse.  Musica Medici is the place where I use music to process 35 years of intense experiences and  to understand what my patients have taught me.  

By turning Medicine into Music, and Music into Medicine.

LOCATION:  Stratford, Ontario. Canada.



GENRE:  People ask what my genre is and then present me with a long list of choices.  I rebel against being pigeon-holed.  Then I realized that "genre" is "gender" without a "D"!  I will let my listeners define the genre of each individual song.  Since my songs are inspired by my patients, I would call it "Doc Rock"!

INFLUENCES:  Neil Young, The Beatles, David Bowie, Paul Simon,  T. Rex,  The Who,  The Tragically Hip,  Andrew Lloyd-Weber, William Butler Yeats and Al Purdy.


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