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Many wonderful people have helped me "Turn Medicine Into Music".

Although all the people who contributed to this project are listed under the Credits for each song, I thought I would thank them all in one place.


Special thanks to:


My wife Katie, son Dante and daughter Julia who are always supportive, offer great creative advice and are never afraid to offer honest criticism.


GRANT HEYWOOD.  Grant is a consummate musician, gigging in multiple bands, playing drums, guitar, mandolin and singing vocals.  A prolific songwriter, he has had Top 10 Hits with Major Hoople’s Boarding House and The Desert Dolphins.  He is a drummer and vocalist in Crackerjack Palace.  Grant and I have spent many hours working on his songs as well as mine, and he contributes valuable advice, as well as drums, vocals and guitar on my songs.


STEPHANIE MARTIN.  Steph is a successful musician living in St Mary’s, Ontario.  She has played with many bands, including Steph and the Roadhounds and also plays many solo gigs.  She teaches guitar and owns Deep Waters Music in St Mary’s.  (visit her website at . 

Stephanie’s vocals transform my songs into something special.


TOM ELLIOTT, BARRY KLEIN, DEAN JUTZI, GRANT HEYWOOD.  Along with me, these four guys comprise the collection of ne’er-do-wells known as Crackerjack Palace, a band I have played in for 18 years.  I have learned A LOT working with these seasoned musicians.


MARY LOU SICOLY is a successful, well-established Canadian jazz singer, whose latest album “Lemon Meringue Pie” is being well-received in jazz clubs across Canada.  Mary Lou’s family and mine have known each other for generations.  We first worked together in 1977 in Sault Ste Marie in a production of Godspell.  Mary Lou provided inspiration and advice, pointing me in the right direction when I needed help.  and

TERRY MANZO (also from Sault Ste Marie!) is a talented local photographer, who provided original photos and guidance as we produced the video of Platinum Skies, as well as cover art for several of my songs.  As a freelance professional photographer Terry’s work covers a broad spectrum, including publicity, product and event promotion, theatre and music projects, and people at work and play.  Visit her website at


VALERIE CHESSELL is an artist in Mitchell, who illustrates books and other projects.  She created an original painting which is the cover art for "Phases of the Moon" and the new background for the homepage of Musica Medici as of Dec 1, 2022.


Finally, JOHN EBATA.   John is a multi-talented professional musician, composer, producer, arranger, musical director and recording engineer.  John is a third generation Japanese-Canadian, but his musical work has been with cultures from around the world. In June 2018, John produced “PianoArc Scores”, a collection of musical pieces performed on a 288 key circular piano that was presented at an art exhibit in Montreal. Awards include recording engineer for Juno-nominated Jazz albums, Black Music composer’s award for song of the year and he has performed and recorded with the likes of Buffy Sainte Marie, Oscar Peterson, Morris Albert, Jack Lenz, Alan Parsons and Waleed Abdulhamid.


When I send my songs to John, magic happens.

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