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Slouching Towards Bethlehem-Lyrics & Credits

The falconer’s calling his falcons home,
but they cannot hear his call.
The centre of the universe cannot hold,
and the sphinx will surely fall.

We can’t see through our atmosphere,
the winds and fires roar. 
We can’t quite tell what’s happening here,
as Mother Nature settles her score.


Tear down that wall!
Watch the towers fall.
We look to The Bigwigs to show us the way
And tell us what to do.
But they don’t know!
They’ve got their nose in the polls
and they say “We’ll take care of you”. Ha!
“Turn and follow me! (Yeah!)

And I will set you free!

“Hey I got an idea!”
“Yah, what?”
“Let’s storm the capital and see if it falls!”
“Sure, I’m in!”

The people on the planet sent out a call,
but we don’t know what it means.
We’ve analyzed the frequency for wisdom and truth,…

but all we found were memes!


Lyrics & Music - Mark Diotallevi

Vocals - Mark Diotallevi, Grant Heywood, Stephanie Martin

Drums - Grant Heywood

Produced by John Ebata

Recorded at Musica Medici, Stratford, ON

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