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Turning Medicine Into Music


Phases of the Moon - Lyrics & Credits

Quantum Physics.  Cosmology.  Love, Sex & Death.  Over and over again.


Across this space, across these years,

I see your face, I taste your tears.

The lighthouse shines above our car.

Illuminates just what we are:

A shooting star.


Our thoughts are blurred, our lives fly by.

Lovers love and lovers die.

And though we sing a merry tune

We discover our nature none too soon:

Phases of the Moon.


When the stars grow dim, and morning rushes in,

Will you still be there?  Or anywhere?


The time is short, the time is long.

I tried to stop it with a song.

And if I come this way again, 

I won’t be frightened by the pain.

It will wax and wane.


Lyrics & Music - Mark Diotallevi

Vocals - Mark Diotallevi

Cover Art - Valerie Chessell

Mixed and Produced by John Ebata

Recorded at Musica Medici, Stratford, ON

Special Thanks - Katie & Dante Diotallevi

Guidance with all things "Moon" - Julia Diotallevi

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